Choose Hair Color from Skin Tone

If the hair is styled in a new style or the current color of the hair is tight, then applying streaks is best. But if the hair is possible to dye in another color, do not use any color. Choose a color that matches your skin tone. Every one of us has a pigmented pigmentation in the body, which is actually the result of hair ‘eyes and skin color.

Melanin determines which color will change your skin in different seasons. The distribution, quantity, size and size of melanin give us different quick tones. Always remember, when choosing a dye for hair, it is important to always keep your skin tone in mind.

The wrong choice can affect your whole personality, and your personality will look unnatural.

What must look good to a woman in the region?

There are some things to know before dyeing hair. What is your skin tone! It is important to choose a hair color according to the color of your skin, whether you want to know whether your skin tone is hot or cold! There is an easy way you can know this. For people whose color is inclined to the sun, their tone is cold. Whereas if your complexion is exposed in the sun, then you own a warm tone.

Another way is, look at your wrists very well. If the veins look green, then you see the warm tones and the blue ones. If you do not know if the color of the veins is blue or green then that means you own a neutral tone. Which causes the color to be olive, like the color of Jennifer Lopez.

Hair Color Ideas:

In adopting the modern look, choose a color that suits your skin tone. Some colors look good on cold tones and some warm tones.

  • Choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the true color of your hair.
  • Can select a color similar to the color of the eyelids as a hair dye.
  • Warm colors are appropriate for warm tones, such as copper while cool colors are appropriate for cool tones, such as walnut brown.

What color is better for you! Natural Hair Colors:

Apart from all the shades of brown and burgundy on women, the headline colors are suitable for strikes. If your skin color is light, you should avoid all shades of gold. Ash Brown is also not suitable for you. If you turn red in the sun, avoid reddish-brown.


It looks great with women’s color.


This color is thus considered to be a part of fashion circles. But there is such a high number of shades, that it shows the effect on all skin types. If you own a warm tone, chocolate brown and ash brown will bounce on you. In the case of cool tones, mahogany and chestnut will be best.


 It also comes in many shades, but it is a complex matter.

Be careful when choosing the right shades. If you own a clean complexion, you can use a little red. Owners of olive complexion will have a darker color, such as blue based red. The following colors show hot women on hot tones. Chocolate Brown, Chase Nut, Auburn, Gold and Golden Brown. The warm gold, red and copper colors will look appropriate for the streaks. Avoid using darker colors in addition to unique colors. The following colors are appropriate for women with cold tones. Wheat, honey and ash browns can be selected to add burgundy and board yux, brown, red, blond streaks. Avoid Gold and Bronze.

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