Hair care in the summer

The product called “Radkin Xtreme” is used to protect hair from sun and sea water. This cream also contains ingredients for milk and soy protein, which repair damaged hair.


Chlorine contained in swimming pool water strikes hair proteins and destroys them. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hair thoroughly after a paragraph in this type of pool.

Women with dyed hair need careful caution in this regard, as complaints about changing hair color are common after bathing in such a pool. For women who are accustomed to daily bathing in chlorinated water, it is advisable to use regular shampoo available on the market, which protects the hair from the harmful effects of calcium.

Called Deep Cleanser and protects the hair from the harmful effects of water on the skin of the body. One such shampoo, “De Lorenzo”, is therefore extremely useful and essential for women to use deep cleaners. An added feature of the “De Lorenzo” product is that it is compatible with different climates and is included in the body. Later, their components are broken down and separated into bodies.

Drying hair with warm air:

Direct drying of the hair with warm air is extremely harmful for them. Therefore, after washing the hair first, dry them thoroughly and allow them to dry in natural air for ten minutes, if time permits. Then get the final results through the hair dryer. Also try the “Elbur Tworopan Styling Stunts Ning Moose” to enhance the beauty of the hair. Including moisturizers and protein bulk quantities.

To fully use the shampoo:

Immediately after washing, all the hair looks beautiful. Yet in summer their glory is as extravagant. For this purpose it will be possible to select the appropriate shampoo only after testing the various shampoos available on the market. Nevertheless, we will give you some useful tips to facilitate selection.

If you want to wash your hair daily. Choose a gentle and subtle shampoo. Particularly the conditioning treatment minute is already present in the asbestos. If you have very fine hair, then use shampoo and conditioner separately.

Maybe you feel the need to wash your hair more in summer than in winter.

This is natural, because the heat and moisture release a high amount of sweat and therefore the hair becomes relatively dirty. The notion is that shampoo daily causes lighter hair and more lubrication. However, sharp shampoos on the contrary show the opposite effect and they can cause excessive dryness in your hair. That’s it. Make sure you have more than one type of shampoo in the bathroom and wash your hair with them. One time with the cleansing shampoo and the other with the conditioning shampoo.

Do you know Short hair needs to be washed faster than long hair?

Because short hair is so close to the skin, the masonry that comes out of the skin can be affected quickly.

Follow these things;

  • After washing the hair, separate them comfortably with a coarse-grained shoulder.
  • Whenever possible allow wet hair to dry naturally.
  • For thinning hair, choose a shampoo that contains a considerable amount of protein.
  • Use a stiff hair brush. Which produces a glow in the hair and protects their roots from damage. Do a hair massage once a month. In this way mental tension will be relaxed and the skin will be healthier.
  • While massaging, the fingers have uniform and strong pressure on the skin and the fingers rotate in a circle.
  • For added benefit, try a new “hair treatment pack” after performing the deep conditioning. Contains miraculous vitamin E specifically.


  • Don’t wear tight ponytails with wet hair at all.
  • Humidity enhances the elasticity of the hair. Therefore, after drying, such hair will be stretched and they will begin to break down.
  • Do not use too much shampoo.
  • When your hair is beautiful, follow these tips to keep their beauty.
  • Every four to six weeks, feed them regularly. Make the style you like and keep watching them for the first time.
  • Short hair needs to be trimmed more quickly than long curls.


Keep practicing to dry your hair with a hairdryer. Ten minutes is enough to dry any kind of hair. If you have straight hair, bring them to the front and then dry them before rooting. Then roll the hair backwards and lift it with the brush and dry it from the top.

Lean forward for the “purse raffle light curl” and then dry with the roots. But keep them separate from the brush repeatedly and prefer a safflower type hair dryer. Otherwise your hair will be curled. ۔

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