Hair Coloring Can Cause Problems Quickly!

It is a natural process for hair to turn white with advancing age. However, many people’s hair starts to turn white prematurely, which can have many causes.

Dyes And Chemicals For Hairs

As some people lose the amount of hair color (pigment) in their body. While in some individuals this process is genetically transmitted. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this, due to hormonal imbalances, vitamin D12 deficiency, or problems with the thyroid gland or pituitary gland.

There are many companies’ dyes and chemicals available in the market, and all the companies claim to give the hair a natural color as well as maintain the shine and strength of the hair. But many people are unaware that these dyes are extremely harmful to hair as well as human skin, and even more dangerous, that these dyes can be fatal.

Allergic To Hair Dyes

Although some people are aware that some people are allergic to hair dyes. And they think that maybe that’s the only problem they’re facing. For those who are allergic to dyes, this is true to some extent but not 100% true.

Surprisingly, if you have been dyeing your hair with a good company dye for many years and do not have any allergies, you may still have this problem at any time. According to dermatologists, hair dyes contain some of these chemicals, which are extremely harmful to human skin. These chemicals include ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and paraphenyl diamine.

Dyes without Ammonia And Hydrogen

Some dyes companies make dyes without ammonia and hydrogen. This gives the impression that such dyes are not dangerous for hair or skin. However, this impression is incorrect, as the most dangerous chemical, para phenylene, is also present in diamines, which do not contain ammonia or hydrogen. Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is commonly written, and in common parlance, it is also called black stone. Most people start dyeing their hair at home without any research, and usually, people buy cheap hair dyes, in which (black stone) paraphenyl diamine is used in large quantities.

The main reason for this is that para phenylene is an important component of diamine permanent hair dyes and without it, it is almost impossible to make permanent hair dyes. It is found in every shed of every company found in the market. However, its amount varies in different dyes.

Types Of Hair Dyes

Its amounts are higher in dark and black. While in light shades its amount is relatively less. Each company has a paraphenyl diamine allergy warning written on its packaging. In our country, however, such warnings are generally ignored. While the instructions for its use are written by the dye manufacturer on its packaging. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Skin specialist Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq Sheikh says that on an average, two patients come to him every day for treatment who are affected by the reaction of hair dye. He says that the skin of the affected person’s face is most affected and there is severe itching in his face, ears, and head and also such people get sores on their head.

Therefore, they usually advise such people to stop using hair color, and when such a patient stops using hair color. So long as the effects of that hair color remain in her hair. Until then it faces problems. However, when new hair grows, this problem disappears. Time to use hair color again.

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