Hair Loss…. Baldness


Hair loss or baldness is called total or partial hair fall, which is the result of a defect or inherent cause of an organ’s dysfunction. It often grows slowly or slowly. On an average, about a hundred hairs fall or break daily; on average, there are about one million hairs per head. The life of each hair is an average of four and a half years. During this period, it grows about half an inch in one month. Usually in the fifth year, the hair falls and replaces another hair in six months. Genetic baldness is due to the body’s ability to grow new hair and not to cause excessive hair loss. Both men and women lose their hair loss as they grow older. Hereditary or complete baldness affects men more than women. About 25% of men begin balding at the age of 30, and about two-thirds become bald or become bald by the age of 60.

Symptoms of Baldness

Some women also have symptoms of certain types of baldness. These symptoms are different from men due to genetics and age or by male hormones. In women’s baldness the hair on the skin of all the head is reduced, but the front is usually ligaments.

What illness causes hairloss?

Cannabis is not usually caused by an illness, but is not due to increased hereditary age and testicular thyroid. Often men and women have a combination of symptoms in their example of baldness. Other possible causes include hormonal changes if abnormal baldness is occurring. For example, a child’s birth or family planning pills for a Thai ray disease.

٭ Any dangerous illness (such as uterine or adrenal gland secretion) and fever Drug use such as cancer chemotherapy

٭ Use of excessive shampoo

Emotional or physical pressure

٭ Psychological habits such as constant hair pulling or rubbing the skin on the head Treatment with burns or rays

٭ Bacterial or hair follicle fragments appear on the skin of the head

In the beard, the eyelashes fall along the eyelids

Causes of hair fall or baldness:

Baldness is the change in the aging hormone caused by a particular disease causing family baldness or burning. The other possible cause is baldness, especially abnormal baldness, which includes a ballerina or hairpin, in which pieces of baldness appear on the bearded head in the skin, as well as the eyelashes. Self-defense conditions such as burns wounds, certain infection diseases, chemotherapy, use of emotional and physical pressure shampoo to dry the hair from the machine, use conditioners with different or detrimental effects (e.g. Thyroid disease such as birth control pills – Psychological habits – continual hair pulling – Rubbing the head skin Radiotherapy (by laser or rays) the worm of the uterus or adrenal gland Messenger.

Protecting hair fall:

The following helpful tips can help with hair protection.

٭ Hair falling ‘should be washed or combed and separated.

Gently clean the hair and skin of the head twice a week with herbal shampoo and massage the skin of the head with a good homeopathic medicated oil.

٭ Avoid hair loss products including bleach oxide, ammonia alcohol or hair softening lotion (non-standard conditioners and soaps).

٭ Avoid hair curling streaks or hot rollers and heat.

Avoid ball breaking rubber bands or clips, etc.

۔ Use an open tooth comb.

٭ Protect head from heat and direct sunlight

٭ Use soft pillows and hair nets before going to bed.

Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall:

Hair loss is an indication that something in your body is starting to break down – hair fall may be due to an infection or a defect in the system or a deficiency. Its treatment varies depending on the symptoms. The following homeopathic medicines are often recommended for the treatment of hair fall.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Loss

Alumina Arsenicum Album of Carbohydrate Fluoric Acid Graphites – Lyco Podium – Nitrum Moore Nitric Acid Phosphorus Sulfenam – Selenium Cepheme Thalam and Vincamize.

Homeopathic treatment of hair loss varies with the cause of hair loss. Aluminum Arsenicum Album of Britcarbonica Floricum Acid Graphites-Lycopodium-Naturum Mauriticum Nitricum Phosphoric acid Phosphorus-selenium-cepa thalamus and Winka maze are useful drugs.

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