Hairstyles Create Personality Attractions


The products used in the home for hairstyles are no different than those used by beauty salons. However, one thing you cannot do yourself is a haircut. The base of the hairstyle is on the appearance of the hair. This is why you need a good haircut. In a salon, the haircut starts with a blunt bob kit. Short hairs are more suitable for soft on the manga because the lightweight of the hair will not pull the curl downward.

Permanganate hair solution

  1. The first requirement for a perm at home is high-quality permanganate solution.
  2. The other requirement is curling rods. Use finer rods to create thicker or softer loops and the “endpaper” will be as thick as the rods. So use larger rods.

The “endpapers” can be used to “fold” your hair when rolling the rods. These are provided with permanganate solutions. First, shampoo the hair thoroughly but also provide conditioners. The way you roll your hair will suit your hair. Therefore, the hairstyle should be kept in mind with style.

Method of Styling

After getting a chance with the styling, separate the hair from where you want it. Divide the hair into large sections with a comb and then blend them in. Add the hair to the roller, starting with their middle part. Pull the hair upwards in the appropriate amount and evenly trim them.

Fold the endpaper into the middle of the hair braid so that the edges of the hair are hidden inside them.

To protect the hair from tight curls, loosen them on the roller to remove the rubber strips used to hold the rods away from the roots of the hair. Then follow from top to bottom while rolling the other part closer to the root of the hair.

When applying permanganate, put your clothes under the sheets; otherwise, your clothes will be ruined by the fall of the solution. Applying cotton to the roots of the hair will not make the solution reach your eyes. Apply an equal amount of solution to each rod in such a quantity that the hair is well moistened.

Wrap the hair in a plastic lunch wrapper and allow them to remain so for the time given in the instructions.

It is best to do a hair inspection before the time is up. Now remove the plastic and open a rod and inspect the hair. If the hair has been curved into shape, then the hair is done correctly. If not, re-roll the hair and put a plastic wrap on them.

Once done, wash the hair thoroughly to “troll” it.

But don’t remove the rod at this stage right now – be careful not to let the solution go into your eyes. Wash the hair for ten minutes so that the skin is well cleaned. Keep blotting for five minutes after washing and make sure that the excess moisture on each rod is dry. Then apply the new tar alighting solution and leave it at the designated time.


Follow the instructions written on mixing the bleach. Mix the hair well before applying it. Bleeding blemishes cause hair stains.

Bleach products show an immediate effect. Therefore, they should be immediately and evenly matched to the hair as soon as it is ready. Bleach thoroughly to the roots first and then continue applying the ends. Instead of using a bandage for this purpose, use a brush that uses a hairdresser.

Enhance your beauty by giving beautiful hair:

Likewise, make your hair simple and elegant and add to your beauty. This saying is largely true that beautiful hair is the most beautiful ornament of a woman. Are coming there can be no other item more beautiful than the beautiful hair spread over the cheeks.

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