What Are Vitamins ABCD And E?

There are many parts of the human body that are considered to be a sign of good health. Healthy hair and healthy teeth, such as teeth, eyes, and hair, are also a sign of good health. Women, as well as men, face this problem. Hair plays a vital role in human beauty.

Beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair is the beauty of men and women. It builds confidence in the personality. Hair protection and massage are very important to make the hair beautiful and strong. Massage helps with hair loss and thickening. Hair massage should be done once a week. It softens the hair and also keeps the blood circulating, which prevents the hair from splitting.

It is very important to use a diet rich in vitamins to make the hair long, strong, and healthy. We get vitamins from many things, which are important for hair. The use of certain vitamins can prevent hair loss, including vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Their details are as follows;

Vitamin A

Vitamins are required for the growth of all cells. Vitamin A is important for hair growth. Vitamin A helps in making oil in the skin glands. Called sebum, it nourishes the brain and helps keep hair healthy. Lack of it in the diet can cause many problems.

Sources of Vitamin A

Potatoes, carrots, pumpkins are high in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A is also found in milk, yogurt, and eggs.

Vitamin B

One of the most popular vitamins for hair growth is biotin. Lack of it causes a lot of hair loss. Vitamin B helps build blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain and hair follicles. This process is important for hair growth.

Sources of Vitamin B

Many foods provide B vitamins. Such as grains, almonds, meat, and fish, etc. It is also derived from green things.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C prolongs the life of our hair. It is a powerful antioxidant, which inhibits stress caused by free radicals. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, which is essential for hair growth.

Sources of Vitamin C

Strawberries, salt, pepper, guava, are all good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D are linked to alopecia areata, a technical term for hair loss. Research has shown that vitamin D helps in the formation of new hair. Most people do not get good amounts of vitamin D. Your body receives vitamin D from direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in fish, eggs, and mushrooms.

Vitamin E

Like vitamin C, vitamin E is also an antioxidant, which can prevent stress. According to a study, people with hair loss have a 5.34% increase in hair growth within eight months.

Sources of Vitamin E

Sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach are good sources of vitamin D.

Everyone suffers from hair loss and weakness. You can benefit from the above techniques. Also, if you are worried about hair growth, you can get an appointment with a phone call from a doctor sitting at home, and also get advice through video consultation.


Adding certain ingredients to your diet can help prevent and treat hair loss. Especially omega-3, which you can get from the use of fish, almonds, and walnuts. Vitamin B types and folic acid are also important in hair health. The most important component for good hair health is protein, the deficiency of which severely affects the hair.

Use chicken, fish, eggs, and pulses for protein. In addition, iron, zinc, and magnesium deficiency have a detrimental effect on hair health. The best way to avoid this is to eat a balanced diet. In addition, the use of multivitamins on the advice of a physician is also appropriate.

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